MySQL n00b HOW-TO:

MySQL services are comprised of the mysql server software and mysql client to interact with the server install for creating accounts and general interaction.

Semi-colon denotes end of line, i.e. tells mysql to act on the line(s)

**Create a database**
mysql>create database <name>;

**Create User and give permissions to an existing database**
mysql> grant all privileges on <database name>.* to <new user name>@localhost identified by 'password for new user';
**This setup denies all database connections that do not origionate from the localhost (local box). The apostrophe's are important. This also gives FULL access of the database to the user account that is used.

**View all database names**
mysql>show databases;

**Setting passwords on accounts**
shell> mysqladmin -u <user> password <password>;
By default, the MySQL root account has no password. Set one!

**Deleting a whole database**
mysql>drop database <name>;

MySQL Win32-specific install:
**After installing MySQL, install mysqld-nt as a service**
c:\mysql\bin>mysqld-nt --install

**Log into Win32 MySQL to make changes**
c:\mysql\bin>mysql -u root -p
**After logging in as root (it will ask for the password), standard MySQL commands are used, see above.